The Great War Group was founded as a non-profit, Foundation CIO by Alex Churchill and Beth Moore to promote education on, and commemoration of the First World War. Our approach is wide-ranging, considering all fronts, and all nations involved in the conflict. Membership fees not only provide exclusive content and a forum on which to engage on the conflict, but help to fund our charitable aims.

Meet the Team


Alexandra Churchill (Commander in Chief)

Additional Trustees

Giles Mcnamee

Jim Smithson (Quartermaster General)

Peter Bull

Andrew Lock (Provost Marshal)

Nicolai Eberholst

Judith Jones


(Captain) Henry Spilberg - Course Admin (Director of Training)

Steve Smith - Graphic Design

Bart Parish - Web/Video Content

Heather Klem - USA Member Liaison

Bart Debeer - Development (Belgium)

(Regimental Sergeant Major) Chris Brown

Doug - GWG Regimental Mascot

Salient Points & Over The Top: Meet The Team

Andrew Powell-Thomas - Editor (Over the Top)

(Captain) Trevor Torkington - Editorial Team/Regular Contributor (ADC to the CiC)

Warren Smith - Editorial Team

Simon Verdegem - Regular Contributor

Andrew Holmes - Regular Contributor

James Gordon-Cumming - Regular Contributor

Roy Larkin - Regular Contributor

Stephen Cullen - Regular Contributor

(Lieutenant) Ross Beadle - Book Review Co-ordinator

Neil Pudney - Book Reviews

Simon Worrall - Book Reviews

Sarah Nathaniel - Regular Contributor (Over the Top)