Banish your post-Christmas blues by immersing yourself in history…

When we make sweeping statements about leaders in battle during the First World War, we often don’t comprehend just how varied that term was and what it might have meant. What were the unique challenges they faced depending on where they were from, and where they were sent?

In our most ambitious online course yet, across ten weeks, delve into the minds of military commanders in the First World War. Using examples from across the globe, we single out some of the men orchestrating battles and look at what they faced, their successes, their failures and the wider impact of their decisions.

Sundays at 16:00UK: January 7th – March 10th

Recordings are available for those wishing to take the course who live in prohibitive time zones and particpants who who cannot attend all lectures.

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Out to Get You! – Vanda Wilcox on Luigi Cadorna

War as a Means to an End – Alex Churchill on Prince Feisal and the Arab Revolt.

From Hero to Zero (In a Year) – Peter Hart on Ian Hamilton

Trying to Exercise Control When You Arrive at the Sticky End – Ali Kimlinger on John Pershing

The Lion of the Isonzo – Nicolai Eberholst on Svetozar Boroević

Burdened with a Constitutional Command – Bart Debeer on King Albert I

The Great War’s Great Fixer – Andy Lock on August von Mackensen

When Over-Confidence Leads to Humiliation – Jim Smithson on Robert Nivelle

“I Don’t Even Know a Canadian” – Beth Moore on Byng at Vimy

Nation Building from the Inside – Joshua Zimmerman on Józef Piłsudski

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We offer a 50% discount to full-time students and scholarships are also available for members who are ex-service personnel. We would also like to state that any member suffering financial hardship or mental health issues might also be eligible for a scholarship. This course is scheduled for what is a tough time of year, and every little helps.

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