The judges have finished their deliberations and we are delighted to announce that they have chose Louise Provan as the winner of our conference competition.

We’d like to congratulate all of those who entered the conference competition. The quality was extraordinarily high all round, and the judges did not find it easy trying to narrow the field and then pick their winners. Ultimately, though, Alex had to put on her big voice to get them to come to a decision and they all agreed that Louise’s work on Dunsterforce had them all very excited about potential ways to develop a seminar for October, and that she had picked a worthy topic that raised a lot of interesting questions about an aspect of the war that is often overlooked. They also decided though, that Peter Rowbottom’s work on Observers in the RFC, which finished 2nd, also merited attention and discussion in front of an audience, so they have invited him to host a seminar too.

Third place was a tie between Glenn Reddiex, who wrote about his pilgrimage from New Zealand to Messines, and David Hinchliffe, for his piece ‘Tinpot and the Spy,” which looked at British intelligence in Italy.

There were also honourable mentions for Trevor Torkington and Warren Smith for their pieces on conscientious objectors and HMS Tara.