The Great War Group is thrilled to launch its new set of publications. Beginning this autumn, we will be releasing regular sets of introductory guides spanning the entire conflict. 


Written by experts in their fields, the numbered series will span nations, campaigns, battles, aspects of technology and important individuals. The brainchild of Publications Officer Nicolai Eberholst, he says: “We are keen to promote learning across the subject of the First World War, and give specialists an opportunity to release accessible and engaging content aimed at the general reader. Each volume will be heavily illustrated, and comprise approximately 30,000 words on each given topic. As time moves on, we hope to have made available a wide range of material for people to widen and diversify their interest in the war.”


The first release comprises introductions on:

Austria-Hungary in the First World War – Nicolai Eberholst

Lord Kitchener – Alexandra Churchill 

Arras, 1917 – Jim Smithson

Early Cruiser Warfare – Chris Sams

Poetry and the War – Colin Fisher


The books are available to pre-order at


If you are interested in seeing your name in print and contributing to the series in future, Nicolai would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at