We are very proud to post this update from our colleagues over at the London Pride Project:

A Major Conference!

London Pride: The London Territorial Force in Peace and War, 1908-1921

Save the date – Saturday 15th June 2024

Mark your calendars early for an upcoming conference that delves into the military, social, literary and cultural aspects of the London Regiment and London Territorial Force (TF).

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London Pride is an academic research project managed by Charles Fair (@FamilyAtWar1418), Richard Hendry (@parhistory) and Tom Thorpe (@kensingtons), exploring the history of this remarkable force from its establishment in 1908, through its service during the Great War, to its disbandment in 1921.

The project’s ultimate aim is to publish an edited volume of scholarly essays in 2025, providing valuable insights into the London TF. For additional information, visit our website: https://kensingtons.org.uk/london-pride-the-london-regiment-in-peace-and-war-1908-1920/ . To discuss limited remaining opportunities to join the roster of contributors to the book (gaps in the current coverage certainly include the Yeomanry, the Royal Engineers, Old Comrades’ Associations and memorials in London to London TF units), please contact Tom Thorpe at londonpride@kensingtons.org.uk

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Ahead of publication, the one-day conference in June 2024 will preview and showcase some of the interesting findings and conclusions from this research. It will be held in the evocative surroundings of the Army Reserve Centre at Yeomanry House, Handel Street, Bloomsbury, London. We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker on the day will be Western Front Association (WFA) President, Professor Gary Sheffield.

This event is an integral part of the @Thewfa 2024 programme and is proudly supported by @Helionbooks, the publishers of the associated volume. Full programme details, costs, and booking arrangements will be announced in late 2023.

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So, do save the date, 15th June 2024, and join us then in uncovering the remarkable history of the London Territorial Force. We look forward to welcoming you to this thought-provoking conference!

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