Educational Work

One of the many aspects of the work that the Great War Group wants to carry on is ensuring that the First World War is remembered for coming generations to explore. We know that an interest in the First World War can be developed at home through family connections and passions, and we are sure that many of our members have passed this along to their children. We know that interest can also be developed in a school environment. For some students, it may be the first time they ever hear anything about the First World War, but a school environment but can be the first step on the path that leads to great passion and interest.

It is to this end that the Great War Group is starting up a series of events for schools. With the gratefully received help of 5 teachers across the UK who have volunteered their students, we will be hosting video conferences in which the students can discuss the First World War with a carefully selected expert panel. These sessions will be held in conjunction with ongoing lessons, to assist the students in their studies of the First World War. Some of the schools that are helping us with this initial run of events would also have been going on battlefields this year and these talks, although not the same, hopefully, will still bring an element of the battlefields to these students. We hope that this series of events will continue to grow and we can welcome more schools into the Great War Group school event series!