You can now opt to attend individual lectures in our upcoming winter course.


Sometimes a ten week commitment isn’t practicable, so we’re giving you the opportunity to select those which work for you, or particular leaders/aspects of the war that interest you.


You can view all of the available events and read more about each week or sign up for the full course: HERE

7th January Bart Debeer Albert I Burdened With A Constitutional Command
14th January Peter Hart Hamilton From Zero to Hero. (In a Year)
21st January Vanda Wilcox Cadorna Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Out to Get You
28th January Andrew Lock Mackensen The Great War’s Great Fixer
4th February Jim Smithson Nivelle When Over Confidence Leads to Humiliation
11th February Bethany Moore Byng “I Don’t Even Know a Canadian”
18th February Ali Kimlinger Pershing Trying to Exercise Control When You Arrive at the Sticky End
25th February Joshua Zimmerman Piłsudski Nation Building From the Inside
3rd March Nicolai Eberholst Boreovič The Lion of the Isonzo
10th March Alex Churchill Prince Feisal War As A Means To An End