Online Course – Beyond the Western Front – Autumn 2021 – Members


Go beyond the Western Front with our eight week autumn 2021 course and learn about everything from the Eastern Front to Italy, Africa and Gallipoli.


Sunday 3rd October 16:00 (UK)
The Eastern Front 1914-15 (Nicolai Eberholst)
Sunday 10th October 16:00 (UK)
The Eastern Front 1916-18 (Nicolai Eberholst)
Sunday 17th October 16:00 (UK)
Salonika (Andy Lock)
Sunday 31st October 16:00 (UK)
The Italian Front (Vanda Wilcox)
Sunday 7th November 16:00 (UK)
Palestine (Gareth Davies)
Sunday 14th November 16:00 (UK)
Mesopotamia (Jim Smithson)
Sunday 21st November 16:00 (UK)
Gallipoli (Peter Hart)
Sunday 28th November 16:00 (UK)
The Wider War (Alex Churchill)

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