At the Great War Group we have committed to providing a quarterly magazine with diverse and engaging content that explores all facets of the conflict. The first of these is devoted to remembrance and will be over 100 pages long, and we have released full details of the first year as far as themes are concerned:

February 2021 – The Spring Offensives of 1918

May 2021 – Gaza in 1917

August 2021 – The Use and Development of Artillery

November 2021 – The Fighting in, and Contribution of Africa to WW1

In each magazine these themes will account for some 30% of the content. Beyond that, the world is our oyster; already we have accepted articles about the Eastern Front, Mesopotamia, Gallipoli, home fronts in Britain, America, France and Denmark, aviation restoration and early cruiser actions, to name but a few.

We do not profess to be experts in all aspects of the war, and that is where anyone with a passion for the subject and a relevant interest comes in. You are more than welcome to take part. Just drop us an email at with your ideas.