The First World War For Children – Signed


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The First World War

Alexandra Churchill

Illustrated by Stephen Smith.
Signed by both, personalised if required.

A global appraisal of the war for children aged 8-11.

Also suitable as a primer for years/grades 7-12

It even works as a beginners guide to the war for adults!

400 pages of illustrated content, featuring all fronts, all combatants across the globe in 1914-1918.

“The sections on the Eastern and Italian fronts will be the first time that many children (and quite a few adults) will have read anything about them. The questions  were a lovely surprise. They make the book immediately attractive to schools thinking about buying a text book on WW1. If I enjoyed it, I can see many adults sitting down to read it too: it’s a comprehensive reminder of key points and also thought-provoking comments on racial prejudice and the importance of empire. In fact, it would be the perfect book to be read to a child or for a child taking the first steps into reading independently. Also, it would be a perfect fit for ESL kids. It’s a perfect blend of colourful design, previously unseen archival photos and complex issues explained clearly and in an interesting manner.”